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Private wealth has always been vulnerable to economic chaos, fraud and institutional instability.  As wealth and its service industry become global, bad markets that can erode private wealth may spread quickly and impact individuals, families and guardians of significant wealth anywhere.  Protection lies in each wealth holder imposing sound process that remains constant and stable even in perilous times or under dangerous conditions.  

Led by Family Wealth Director Eric Wilson, we combine knowledge of the financial aspects of governing and managing family wealth with sensitivity to wealth’s psychological and interpersonal effects.  The core of our strategy is its single-minded commitment to client advocacy and to the elimination of potential or perceived conflicts of interest in the execution of the group’s qualitative and quantitative insight.

We believe that our clients deserve a different kind of working relationship with their financial institution – one that you may not have encountered at any other financial services company.

We make this distinction because we recognize that wealth is not an end unto itself.  Wealth is merely the means by which you can achieve things for yourself and your family.  And while it may seem like a simple equation, we have long understood that for our distinct clientele, governing wealth and the opportunities it may create is anything but simple.

The information on this site helps provide an overview of who we are and what we do.  The “Working Together” tab on the left is a great place to get started.  If what you see piques your interest, and you find yourself at a point in life where you need another viewpoint, please give us a call to set up a confidential review.  

We invest ourselves in our clients every day by helping them frame, and ultimately deliver upon, their legacies.

Bulletin Board
  • See August On the Markets from the Global Investment Committee featuring

    • "Transition Time" The Federal Reserve has continually told investors that they would be very patient and slow to raise short-term interest rates. Now, strong employment data has raised the possibility of sooner-than-expected rate hikes, says Mike Wilson, chief investment officer of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, and markets could continue to be volatile until they have fully recalibrated to an accelerated timetable.

    • "Fishing for Stocks in the Market’s Midstream" The cheapest stocks in the S&P 500—those with the lowest price/earnings ratios—are not necessarily the best stocks to own at this point in the market cycle. The better investments appear to be closer to the market averages.

    • "Keep an Opportunistic Eye on Mexico and India" Emerging market equities have performed well so far this year, but the Global Investment Committee is underweight in the asset class for a number of reasons, including rich valuations and a vulnerability to rising US interest rates. That said, Mexico and India stand apart. Political change and economic reforms could make them future stars.

    Plus, look for more on economics, fixed income investments and real estate.

  • People are looking for retirement to be more fulfilling and engaging. A solid strategic plan – along with investments that are right for you – is one way to help ensure success. Learn more about some of the resources we can use to help you achieve your goals in today’s new retirement.

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