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Welcome to the Wilson Group at Morgan Stanley’s website.  Our site is full of resources designed to help empower you as a family, and as an investor, regardless of whether you work with us or not.  My name is Eric Wilson and I lead this family wealth advisory team here at Morgan Stanley.  We believe that your family, and your capital, can make it beyond the proverbial third generation.  “Shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves in three generations” is how I believe the saying goes.  

On the left hand side of this web page, you will find several tabs including ones entitled Meet Our Group, Working Together, and In the Press.  I encourage you to visit all of the tabs if you have time, but if you’re here for a quick visit, then start with the previously mentioned tabs.  For instance, by selecting the Working Together tab, you will find among the pages, insight into why clients choose to work with us, our investment process, and how our team helps clients pass on their life’s work to subsequent generations.

Our focus is on people and outcomes, not products.  We combine knowledge of the financial aspects of governing and managing family wealth with sensitivity to wealth’s psychological and interpersonal effects.  The core of our strategy is its single-minded commitment to client advocacy and to the elimination of potential, or perceived, conflicts of interest.

We believe that our clients, many of which are new to the world of affluence/wealth, deserve a different kind of working relationship with their advisors – one that you may not have encountered at any other financial services company.  We try to personalize each client family’s experience and relationship with us in many ways, beginning with a dedicated advisor and support staff per 25 families.  You can see that with such an intimate staff-to-client ratio, our client family’s experience gets off on the right foot from the start.

Our clients hear how much we value them by our actions, not by our words.  We make this distinction because we recognize that wealth is not an end unto itself.  Wealth is merely the means by which you can achieve things for yourself and your family.  And while it may seem like a simple equation, we have long understood that for our distinct clientele, governing wealth and the opportunities it may create is anything but simple.

If what you see on this site piques your interest, and you find yourself at a point in life where you need another viewpoint, please give us a call to set up a confidential review.  We begin every new potential relationship with interested families by simply offering a second pair of eyes.

The deep commitment of the Wilson Group at Morgan Stanley is to invest in our clients every day by helping them plan, and ultimately deliver upon, their legacy.

Bulletin Board
  • See July On the Markets from the Global Investment Committee featuring

    • "Ring-Fenced" Michael Wilson, chief investment officer of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, says the Greek debt crisis was not unexpected and, in fact, has been “ring-fenced” by global financial institutions. While there may be market volatility, he does not expect fiscal contagion that could derail the global recovery.

    • "US Fiscal Policy Could Boost Growth" Tax revenues are rising much faster than spending and, given low interest rates, the US debt-to-GDP ratio is shrinking, too. Lisa Shalett, head of investment and portfolio strategies at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, writes that these developments mean fiscal policy can be more stimulative for the economy just as monetary policy becomes less so.

    • "Higher-Dividend Stocks for a Higher-Yield Environment" A long period of ultralow interest rates has created distortions among high-yielding stocks, making traditional dividend plays less attractive, writes Adam S. Parker, chief US equity strategist for Morgan Stanley & Co. Parker identifies the sectors in which the most compelling dividend opportunities may be found.

    Plus, look for more on equities and bonds, and a question-and-answer session with a veteran manager of Japanese stocks.

  • People are looking for retirement to be more fulfilling and engaging. A solid strategic plan – along with investments that are right for you – is one way to help ensure success. Learn more about some of the resources we can use to help you achieve your goals in today’s new retirement.

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