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What is important to you?

When we begin to work with a client, we start with an easygoing conversation about you and what you need.

Your answers to that question may be challenging to define, or even as simple as not being entirely clear to you.  We think it is perhaps the most crucial step toward helping you reach your goals.

Maybe you’re about to retire, or are thinking about transferring ownership of a family business.  Perhaps you’re considering a change in careers, or a real estate purchase.  Whatever your goals, a clearly defined and monitored wealth management plan will help increase your chances of achieving them.

At The Phelps Group at Morgan Stanley*, we believe that successful client relationships go beyond providing information, ideas and strategies.  We are committed to building a relationship with you based upon honesty and accountability.

Utilizing a combination of wisdom and experience, our team will work with you to develop and implement a comprehensive wealth plan based around the things that are important to you.  Our mission is to use the vast resources of the firm in support of your personal goals.

A different approach – comprehensive wealth management

Many Financial Advisors talk about wealth management.  But what do they really mean?  Many focus solely on investments.  However, true wealth management also involves risk management, credit and liquidity needs, estate planning and charitable giving – basically, any decision involving money that impacts your life.  At The Phelps Group, investments are merely one part of our comprehensive wealth management approach, you are the center of it.

What is wealth management?

We believe wealth management consists of two interrelated processes: Relationship Management and Investment Consulting.

Relationship management means working with you, your existing professional network, and any advisors that may assist in your overall financial life.

Investment consulting begins with discovering your goals.  We formulate an investment plan designed to help you get where you want to go, and implement that plan over time.  Ongoing monitoring, rebalancing and communication occur on a regular basis.

Bulletin Board
  • Whenever the S&P 500 experiences a 1% move (up or down), The 1% Move posted under Investing & Market Insights, will provide guidance. Whenever you have questions about market activity, please contact us.

  • See October On the Markets from the Global Investment Committee featuring

    • "Retest and Rebalance" The equity market sell-off of the past few weeks is a retest of the August correction, not a judgment that the global economic recovery is faltering, says Michael Wilson, chief investment officer of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management. He believes that central bankers’ efforts to rebalance the uneven global recovery will succeed.

    • "Global Growth: Lower for Longer" The upside of a tepid and uneven global recovery is a long economic expansion, writes Joachim Fels, chief global economist of Morgan Stanley & Co.

    • "All About That Base (Case)" Adam Parker, chief US equity strategist for Morgan Stanley & Co., lays out his base case 12-month stock market forecast—2,125 on the S&P 500, up more than 7% from the Sept. 30 close.

    Plus, look for more on equities, fixed income investments and currencies.

  • Do questions like these impact your retirement picture: Do I have enough to cover my needs, my dreams and the unexpected? How do today's choices affect others I care about tomorrow? Is there life after work? To learn more about developing a strategy to help you achieve the retirement you envision, call or email.

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