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The individuals and families we serve are an exceptional group of people.  Some are CPAs or professionals within the medical field.  Others are specialists in the automotive industry.  Still others are busy entrepreneurs and small business owners. Essentially, all have achieved financial success, but need expertise in developing a plan to preserve, enhance, and ultimately transfer their wealth.

At the HFP Group, we understand the challenges you face. In fact, we've built our practice around customizing financial solutions for people just like you. Our wealth management approach is focused not only on helping you articulate your goals, but also on reviewing all aspects of your financial life. Our investment platform is carefully structured to help you with the income you need to cover today's living expenses.

We have availed ourselves of virtually every opportunity the firm offers.  We have combined our talents to help our clients simplify and manage the complexities of their financial lives, so they and their families can live the lifestyles they choose.  We understand how hard you have worked to achieve your goals, and we will work even harder to help your wealth will lead to continued prosperity over time.

Bulletin Board
  • A change in employers can be an ideal time to decide what you want to do with your accumulated retirement funds. Whether it’s rolling over to an IRA or leaving the funds in your former employer’s 401(k) plan, call or email us to see how we can help you make informed decisions.

  • Our service commitment centers around a continual assessment of your goals, investments & performance while working with your other advisors, CPAs or Attorneys, to help you identify potential opportunities, reduce fees and simplify your life. To learn more, call or send an email.

  • See September On the Markets from the Global Investment Committee featuring

    • "Don’t Blink" If you blinked, you would have likely missed last month’s sharp sell-off in global equity and credit markets—and the equally sharp rebound. Mike Wilson, chief investment officer of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, says this was just the latest in a series of rolling corrections as markets adjust to tapering and anticipate the Federal Reserve’s first interest rate increase.

    • "No Signs of Hubris and Debt" Is the US stock market making a top? Not likely, says Adam Parker, chief US equity strategist for Morgan Stanley & Co., because companies are acting with restraint, not hubris. Parker says capital spending, inventories, staffing and debt are not excessive.

    • "Bonds Unbound" Nontraditional fixed income strategies may help investors withstand a rising interest rate environment. We explore how these strategies work.

    Plus, look for more on equities, fixed income investments and master limited partnerships.

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