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The Barkmeier Group at Morgan Stanley provides advanced Financial Planning and Wealth Management for Individuals, Families and Small Business Owners.

The Barkmeier Group helps clients plan for the transition from earning a high income to providing a comfortable and secure retirement.  The Barkmeier Group works with their clients’ legal and accounting advisors to craft an overall plan of action that incorporates financial, tax, estate, investment, cash flow, retirement and legacy planning.  This spirit of teamwork provides the highest possible level of counsel.

Our team is uniquely qualified to help you achieve your dreams and goals while simplifying your life:

Intellectual Capital

Our team has both the education and experience which provide the foundation for ideas, analysis and action steps necessary to navigate complex markets and advanced planning. Our Senior Partners have over 60 combined years of financial experience.

We have advanced degrees, titles and designations that include; One Certified Financial Planner (CFP), and one  Certified Investment Management Analysts (CIMA).  

Process and Tools

We use an institutional process for Wealth management that emulates those used by successful University Endowment Funds.  We utilize powerful software tools for financial and estate planning as well as for wealth management. For our clients that require income from their portfolios, we use an institutional cash flow immunization process to ensure that all cash flow needs are met and the portfolio retains it’s purchasing power over the long run.

Morgan Stanley

Our firm is the largest wealth management firm in the world. This gives you access to tremendous resources such as Capital Markets, Consulting Services, Alternative Investments, Research, The Global Investment Committee and the Economies of Scale of our Fixed Income desks.

The members of The Barkmeier Group and our extended team look forward to the opportunity to listen to you, to understand your dreams, goals and concerns.  Whether you simply want a second opinion on your current course of action or you would like a fully developed plan and set of action steps – we can help. The average person works 90,000 hours in their lifetime. Grow and protect that investment by putting the resources of The Barkmeier Group of Morgan Stanley to work for you, your business and your family.

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