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The Sonoma Wealth Management Group is a tightly knit group of highly credentialed financial professionals. We combine our talents to help clients of substantial wealth simplify and manage their complex personal and financial lives. We can help you navigate the complexities that come with financial success, so you and your family are free to focus on the people, issues and activities that enrich your lives.

Working closely with you and your tax and legal advisors, Sonoma Wealth Management Group helps you address the unique challenges of significant wealth:

  •  Diversifying highly concentrated positions in a tax-efficient manner
  •  Managing risk within each entity and across all of your holdings
  •  Preparing your children, emotionally and intellectually, to manage wealth
  •  Creating a legacy plan to preserve family harmony as well as assets
  •  Maximizing the impact of your charitable contributions

Bulletin Board
  • We specialize in the wealth management needs of innovators, entrepreneurs and senior executives who have had a significant liquidity event and need help managing the financial and interpersonal complexity it creates.

    We are a highly responsive local team with access to world-class resources and the intellectual capital of Morgan Stanley. We can help you create, implement and maintain a comprehensive wealth strategy, and provide access to institutional strategists and investment bankers.

    We avail ourselves of every opportunity to enhance services to our clients, and are actively involved in The Investment Management Consulting Association, The Association of Professional Investment Consultants, The Certified Financial Planning Board, Inc. and the Cannon Financial Institute.

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