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Thank you for visiting our website. We’re King Poljak group at Morgan Stanley, a team of financial advisors in Shreveport, LA, led by brothers Denis and Davor Poljak, in partnership with John King, a 35 year industry veteran.

How, in a few sentences, do we differentiate ourselves from other high caliber advisory teams? As you’d expect, we provide the full spectrum of financial services to clients representing a cross-section of backgrounds, professions, and life stages. Of course, we are insightful and experienced in serving business owners and their families – we’ve worked hard to build our family business in Shreveport.

How do we express our passion to help our clients achieve what they want for themselves, their families, their businesses, and organizations they’re part of? How do we express how our giving back to our community of Shreveport stems from our unique personal, cultural, family, professional, athletic, and academic backgrounds-from the former Yugoslavia to Shreveport?

How do we demonstrate in writing the diligence, caring, exceptional client service, and authenticity we demonstrate every day, and how we integrate long term client experience, extensive education, talent, character, and hard work into helping our clients make smart decisions?

We believe those answers are best given in person. Come sit down with us, share your story and hear ours. You may discover we’re who you’ve been looking for to handle one of the most important aspects of your life-your financial well-being. Even if we’re not the right fit for each other, we’ll do whatever we can to help you.

Please take the first step by calling us at (318) 677-5426 or emailing us at

Bulletin Board
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