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The Matterhorn Group at Morgan Stanley

The Matterhorn Group at Morgan Stanley strives to assist clients (whether individuals, families, businesses, business owners and executives, nonprofit organizations or institutions) in attaining their financial, investment and philanthropic goals, while minimizing risk. Knowledge and discipline are Matterhorn hallmarks.

We believe that our experience, training and client-focused approach, combined with our personal accountability to our clients, is the foundation for a mutually successful relationship.

We focus on growth, stability and risk management. We work with you to set financial and business objectives, and develop investment strategies that are designed to meet your objectives.

Our sophisticated knowledge of financial markets, tools and principles, coupled with our deep analysis and understanding of the unique situations you, the client, face, form the underpinnings of the solutions and services we provide.

Our team puts your concerns above all else. Our clients appreciate that we have the experience and backgrounds to work collaboratively with other advisors, including CPAs, attorneys, CFOs, and family office administrators, and access to other specialists as needed.

The Matterhorn Group has the background, knowledge and access to integrate information from a wide-range of disciplines and serve as the hub for all your financial matters.  

Please do not hesitate to contact us by calling the toll-free number above or by clicking on the E-mail Us link to the left.  Thank you.

The Parity Portfolio.

Recently, The Matterhorn Group has received much public and press  attention for developing The Parity Portfolio in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and in other news media (sample articles are available on “In the Press” area on this website). The Parity Portfolio is what is called a Gender Lens Investment, suitable for clients who want move the needle toward gender fairness while seeking strong returns.
Started in Dec. 2012 and based on the extensive body of research* that points to a strong correlation between significant female representation in a company's boardroom (3 or more women) and company financial strength, The Parity Portfolio is focused on providing financial and social returns for our investors.

The Parity Portfolio is not simply a list of companies with 3 or more women on the board.  Portfolio Managers and Matterhorn Founders, Eve Ellis, CIMA  and Nikolay Djibankov, CFA® design The Parity Portfolio to meet their highest financial standards: The Parity Portfolio starts with a Gender Lens but the Portfolio Managers invest only in companies that withstand  their rigorous financial analysis.

For more information about The Parity Portfolio, please call the toll-free number above or click on the E-mail Us link to the left.  Thank you.

The Matterhorn Group - The Parity Portfolio Strategy

The Parity Portfolio is developed by the Matterhorn Group in the Morgan Stanley Portfolio Management advisory program in which the client’s Financial Advisor invests the client’s assets on a discretionary basis in a wide range of securities. The appropriateness of a particular investment or strategy will depend on an investor’s individual circumstances and objectives. The risks related to investing in a gender lens investment such as The Parity Portfolio Strategy are commensurate with the risks of investing in a non-gender lens investment. The Parity Portfolio Strategy does not represent the views or opinions of Morgan Stanley.

*Catalyst, Credit Suisse, McKinsey, Deloitte, Committee for Economic Development.

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