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Len Martinez, CFP
Financial Advisor
Portfolio Manager
Direct: (847) 842-1544
Branch: (847) 382-6600     Fax: (847) 304-1986
Mail: 760 West Main Street  Suite 200, Barrington, IL 60010


Len Martinez is a Financial Advisor and Portfolio Manager in the Morgan Stanley Wealth Management office in Barrington, Illinois. Len is a Certified Financial Planner and a Certified Public Accountant (non-practicing), with over 25 years’ experience in the financial field. He holds a Master’s Degree in Taxation from DePaul University and Bachelors in Accounting from Northern Illinois University. Len is former Branch Manager for both the Lake Forest and Crystal Lake, Illinois branches of Morgan Stanley.  He is prior Corporate Controller and Chief Accounting Officer at Safety-Kleen Corp (NYSE SK), in Elgin, IL; and past President of the Safety-Kleen Federal Credit Union. In addition, Len has in the past served in the following positions: President of the McHenry County Catholic Education Foundation; School Board President of the Montini Catholic School in McHenry, IL; Board of Directors Member of the Catholic Foundation for the People of the Diocese of Rockford, IL; Board Member of Saint Patrick’s Catholic Church in McHenry, IL; and member of the McHenry County, IL Zoning Board. Len and his wife Mary Ann live in Woodstock and have been active in fundraising activities for Marian Central Catholic High School. They enjoy life with their four children and their families.

Morgan Stanley
Morgan Stanley serves many of the world’s most sophisticated investors and our firm is one of the nation’s leading managers of personal wealth. As your Financial Advisor, I have experience with the unique challenges, styles and strategies that distinguish wealthy investors.

Morgan Stanley, a financial holding company, provides various financial products and services worldwide. It operates in three segments: Wealth Management, Institutional Securities, and Asset Management. The Wealth Management Group segment offers brokerage and investment advisory services covering various investment alternatives comprising equities, options, futures, foreign currencies, precious metals, fixed income securities, mutual funds, structured products, alternative investments, unit investment trusts, managed futures, separately managed accounts, and mutual fund asset allocation programs; financial and wealth planning services; annuity and insurance products; credit and other lending products; cash management services; retirement services; and trust and fiduciary services. The Institutional Securities and Asset Management segments provide various financial advisory and asset management services.

Morgan Stanley Portfolio Management Program

I am pleased to introduce you to Morgan Stanley’s Portfolio Management Program.
Charting an appropriate course to your financial goals is a difficult task that many investors try to navigate alone. However, in today’s sea of complex financial issues, working with an experienced investment professional can give you the access to vast resources and information you may need in the pursuit of your goals. If you prefer to delegate the ongoing investment decisions to a professional, we can help with that too. 

Morgan Stanley’s Portfolio Management Program allows a select group of Morgan Stanley Financial Advisors qualified by the firm, based on training, experience and commitment, to independently manage client assets.  As a portfolio manager with the PM program, I take the time to understand your unique situation and can help you develop a personalized investment strategy:  one founded in a disciplined, three-step process that addresses your individual circumstances and goals:

•    Help you set your financial objectives
•    Create a tailored investment portfolio and manage it on a discretionary basis
       on your behalf.
•    Monitor the portfolio and review ongoing performance

Together, we can work to determine a suitable risk profile and to structure an appropriate financial strategy that can help meet your needs and tolerance for risk.

Investment Process and Portfolio Strategies
A Simple 4 Step Process

Step 1

Match the Investor’s risk profile with one of the Asset Allocation Models published by Morgan Stanley’s Global Investment Committee (GIC) and Consulting Group.

Step 2

Fill in the Investor’s individual portfolio with investments from one or more of the following Morgan Stanley sources:

-    Individual Stocks from The Top Rated Stock List.
-    Equity STEPs - (Individual Stocks).
-    ETF/Closed-End Fund STEPs - (ETFs and Closed-End Funds).
-    Consulting Group Mutual Fund and SMA Model Portfolios
      (Mutual Funds and Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs).
-    Individual Bond Model Portfolios - (Individual Bonds).
-    Tactical Opportunities - (Individual Stocks, ETFs and Closed-End Funds).

Step 3

Make changes to the investments in the Investor’s individual portfolio as changes are made in the components of the above investment vehicles.

Step 4

Monitor and rebalance the individual Investor’s individual portfolio on an ongoing basis.

Presenting Morgan Stanley’s Top Investment Ideas
Working with Len Martinez and Morgan Stanley

When you choose to work with Len Martinez and Morgan Stanley, you can call upon the broad knowledge and professional ability of a wide variety of globally acclaimed Strategists, Analysts, Economists and Financial Professionals, covering virtually every area of the world. Among these are:
Morgan Stanley Global Investment Committee

The Global Investment Committee (GIC) is made up of senior professionals from Morgan Stanley LLC Research, Morgan Stanley, and Citi Investment Research & Analysis and outside financial market experts. The committee provides advice on asset allocation decisions through the creation and maintenance of various model portfolios.

Top Rated Stock List

The Top Rated Stock List is created and maintained by Len Martinez. The process used is a strict rules based strategy. The basic strategy is as follows: The List includes highly rated stocks with positive price momentum; worthwhile 1 year price appreciation potential; and characteristics which have historically tended to outperform the market over the following 12 month period. The list is not a standard Morgan Stanley portfolio; however investors may choose to create all or part of the stock portion of their portfolio from this list.

Morgan Stanley STEP Program

The Morgan Stanley Strategic Equity Portfolio (STEP) program is a dynamic investment process that combines the benefits of professional stock selection with the flexibility of individual stock ownership. The STEPs are structured and guided by the Morgan Stanley Portfolio Strategy Team (PST). Periodically, the Portfolio Strategy Team makes buy and sell recommendations, which are conveyed to clients through their Financial Advisor.

Morgan Stanley Consulting Group
Portfolio Advisory Services - Mutual Fund and SMA Model Portfolios

The Morgan Stanley Consulting Group - Portfolio Advisory Services (PAS) Mutual Fund and SMA Model Portfolios include the mutual funds and separately managed accounts (SMAs) that Consulting Group believes are most likely to optimize the overall efficiency of the firm’s asset allocation models. The Mutual Funds and SMAs chosen are reviewed on an ongoing basis both to ensure that they continue to meet our rigorous research and evaluation standards and to confirm that they remain appropriate for investor’s portfolios. These portfolios are considered to be Core Holdings for an investor’s overall portfolio holdings. The Consulting Group also provides advice on asset allocation decisions through the creation and maintenance of various model portfolios.

Morgan Stanley Research

Morgan Stanley Investment Research is one of the financial industry’s global leaders in equity and fixed-income investing. Research teams are organized by country, region and global industry to cover all major markets in North America, Asia, Europe, Emerging Markets, Japan and Latin America, with over 2,300 stocks under coverage. Our economists not only forecast economic activity, but also provide daily insights into policy, economic and political trends.

Taxable Fixed Income Model Portfolios

The Taxable Fixed Income Model Portfolios consist of Individual Securities recommended buy the Morgan Stanley Strategy & Research Group. These portfolios are considered to be Core Holdings for an investor’s overall portfolio holdings.

Tactical Opportunities

Tactical opportunities including individual stocks and bonds, ETFs, Mutual Funds, CDs, Closed-End Funds, annuities, options, futures and other investments may be incorporated into a client’s portfolio strategy as the opportunities arise.

A Full Complement of Investment Alternatives

My Investment Process and Portfolio Strategies allow investors to choose from a full complement of Investment Alternatives including: Individual Stocks, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Closed-End Funds (CEFs), Mutual Funds, Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) and Individual Bonds.

Account Choices

Investors may choose a traditional brokerage account where each transaction and compensation is authorized by the client. As an alternative, investors may choose a fee based account where compensation is a percentage of assets in the account, rather than based on each transaction. In discretionary fee based accounts, the client delegates investment selection and execution to the Financial Advisor. In non-discretionary fee based accounts, the client approves and authorizes the Financial Advisor to make each investment.

Footnotes and Disclosures

The following complete reports, including footnotes and disclosures, are published separately and are available upon request:

STEP Monthly Digest – Equity STEPs

STEP Monthly Digest - ETF/Closed-End Fund STEPs

Mutual Fund and SMA Model Portfolios

Individual Bonds Model Portfolios

Morgan Stanley does not render advice on tax and tax accounting matters to clients. This material was not intended or written to be used, and it cannot be used by any taxpayer, for the purpose of avoiding penalties that may be imposed on the taxpayer under U.S. federal tax laws.

While data is taken from sources considered to be reliable, results are not guaranteed. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.    
Portfolio Management is an advisory program in which the client's Financial Advisor invests the client's assets on a discretionary basis in a wide range of securities.
Strategic Equity Portfolios are structured and monitored on an ongoing basis by members of the Morgan Stanley & Co. Incorporated STEP Portfolio Strategy Team and may be purchased in a single transaction as individual stocks. Periodically, changes to the portfolios are recommended; investors then decide whether the recommendation makes sense for their particular financial situation. After an investor purchases the STEP, the same stocks will remain in his or her account unless individual stocks are bought or sold in response to subsequent changes in the model STEP or as otherwise individually determined by the investor. Such transactions will incur applicable commission charges. Investors should seek advice from a financial advisor as to the suitability of investing in any of the securities or investment strategies discussed here.
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The indexes are unmanaged. An investor cannot invest directly in an index. ETFs are redeemable only in Creation Unit size through an Authorized Participant and are not individually redeemable from a Fund.
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Years Registered: 21
Years At Morgan Stanley*: 15
DePaul University, Masters in Taxation
Northern Illinois University, Bachelors in Accounting
Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
Portfolio Manager
Certified Public Accountant
Masters in Taxation
Bachelors in Accounting

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