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Adjusting to Slower Structural Growth - April 2014
Columbia Management’s Colin Moore discusses strategies for how to invest in an era of lower economic growth rates
Rethinking Fixed Income for the Road Ahead - March 2014
Yield-hungry investors concerned about rising rates may want to consider adding a bank-loan fund to their portfolios, say Blackstone/GSO’s Lee Shaiman and SSgA’s Dave Mazza
Investing with Impact in 2014 - March 2014
The practice of allocating assets based on social values has changed since its active emergence in the 1980s. But some investors and Financial Advisors haven’t kept up, says Mary Jane McQuillen of ClearBridge Investments
Seeking Growth in the Global Economy - March 2014
Though few economies--if any--have fully recovered from the financial crisis, Olga Pomerantz of William Blair believes that with a more nuanced view, investors will find that growth finally is returning
A Nimble Alternative Strategy With Downside-Risk Management - March 2014
Morgan Stanley Investment Management’s Cyril Moullé-Berteaux shares his strategy for seeking market opportunities, using diversification, an eye toward lower volatility and the ability to shift exposures
Do You Have to Pay a Price for Preservation? - March 2014
Invesco’s Donna Wilson explains how she constructs a portfolio that seeks not just a smoother ride but also income generation and a solid return potential
Europe: Emerging From a Dollar and a Dream? - March 2014
The next year will bring stronger prospects for the Continent, says Philippe Brugère-Trélat of Franklin Mutual European Fund
The Search for Value in a Hot Market - March 2014
Stocks around the globe have rallied from the lows of the financial crisis, but Greg Kolb of Perkins Investment Management believes that value will always remain in vogue
The All-in-One Alternative? - March 2014
Rui de Figueiredo of Morgan Stanley Alternative Investment Partners says alternative investments should be more accessible to mainstream investors
Benchmarks for All Occasions - February 2014
As the number and nature of indexes—and products based on them—expand, investors must learn to pick those that best suit their objectives, says MSCI’s Raman Subramanian
Real Estate Investing Beyond REITs - February 2014
Jeffrey Kolitch of Baron Capital explains his mutual fund's nontraditional approach
Seeking to Do Munis Better - January 2014
JP Morgan’s Priscilla Hancock calms the fixed-income waters and reveals where she’s finding attractive opportunities
Seeking Real Return in Times of Low Inflation - January 2014
While real return funds might seem less appealing as inflationary pressures remain subdued, Pioneer’s Howard Weiss believes they represent a strategy that should remain a core portfolio holding, no matter the environment
Seeking the Upside in a Tough Bond Market - January 2014
As fixed income stumbles, BlackRock’s Joshua Tarnow looks to stay above water with an absolute-return strategy
A Look at Interest Rates and Fixed Income After the Selloff - December 2013
Columbia Management’s Zach Pandl shares his outlook on rates and fixed income
High Concentration, High Return Potential? - December 2013
A portfolio of fewer than two dozen stocks can offer a surprising amount of diversification, says Lazard’s Chris Blake—and diversity is the key to success
A Strategy Turns 30 - December 2013
Clearbridge Investments portfolio manager Richie Freeman explains his brand of long-term investing
MLPs: Solid Opportunities, Broad Benefits? - December 2013
ALPS’ Jeremy Held discusses the drivers behind growth in master limited partnerships
Taking a Directional Market View - December 2013
Invesco’s Scott Wolle explains his firm’s systematic approach to tactical allocations—detailed monthly assessments that net a “whole” view on 25 asset classes
EXCLUSIVE: Fixed Income Summit - November 2013
In the inaugural Morgan Stanley Wealth Management Global Investment Committee Fixed Income Summit, CIO Mike Wilson discusses the current environment with specialists from Morgan Stanley, PIMCO, Goldman Sachs and BlackRock
Taking the Emotion out of Investing - November 2013
In a volatile market, Julian Koski of Transparent Value seeks success by watching market signals, not going with his gut
REITs in a Rising-Rates World - November 2013
Interest rates have put pressure on real estate investment trusts, but Invesco’s Paul Curbo believes opportunities for growth remain
Playing the M&A Comeback - November 2013
Merger arbitrage strategies may benefit over the next few years if dealmaking activity picks up and interest rates increase, say Roy Behren and Mike Shannon of Westchester Capital Management
Munis with a Mind Toward Inflation - November 2013
Brad Libby, Abigail Babson and Lindsay Politi from Wellington Management Company discuss the strategic value of investing in the municipal bond market while hedging for inflation at the same time
Tapping into the Energy Market - October 2013
The price of oil is up, but Invesco’s Norman MacDonald believes that stock valuations need to be considered when seeking to identify opportunities in energy
Every Emerging Market Is Different in Its Own Way - October 2013
Pioneer’s Andrew Feltus takes a bottom-up approach toward investing in emerging markets
Seeking the Upside in an Anxious Fixed-Income Market - October 2013
As bond prices roiled on fears of rising interest rates earlier this year, Tony Rodriguez of Nuveen Asset Management saw potential opportunities
Are Interest Rates Really Important? - Miller Howard Investments, INC
There is lots of chatter nowadays about interest rates—where they are going and what the consequences of any movement might be.
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