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The Hesdorffer Team at Morgan Stanley understands the unique circumstances of high net worth individuals and families with $1MM or more in investable assets.

This husband-wife team knows some clients simply want to get to the finish line and retire with the knowledge they can really afford to do so. Others are philanthropically minded and want to leave an imprint on their community. Still others are more concerned about leaving a legacy to their grandchildren and perhaps passing on their values along with their assets.

For more than 27 years, Jay and Marietta Hesdorffer have helped a wide variety of clients reach a wider variety of objectives. Today the Hesdorffer Team is four professionals strong with more than 90 years of combined experience. *

Our comprehensive financial planning services guide you through every financial lifestage – from accumulating wealth to preserving what you’ve accumulated to eventually distributing your wealth. You’ll find us to be your committed ally in your quest for financial fulfillment. Our clients come to us for objective advice on any financially related question. They have come to rely on us as a dependable source of knowledge they can trust.

When we get started, we take the time to discover what is really important to you…about your money and most everything else. With this information we develop your customized plan. Before implementing, we communicate with your other financial advisors to make sure your strategies are coordinated.

Our process is thorough and straightforward:

  • Assess your objectives, time frame, risk tolerance, assets, liabilities, values and relationships

  • Make sure the planning you have in place reflects your wishes by reviewing your account titling, beneficiaries, wills and trusts

  • Review your cash flow, income tax information and estate structure,

  • Customize your asset allocation

  • Provide investment manager strategy, search and selection

  • Provide ongoing review and monitoring

  • Provide comprehensive performance reporting and ongoing communications

  • through regularly scheduled meetings both in person and by phone

To execute your customized asset allocation, we may combine a professionally managed approach that can include third party investment managers, mutual funds, exchange traded funds and alternative investments, as well as individually selected stocks, bonds and even annuities. Each plan is created specifically for your unique circumstances, objectives, time frame and comfort level. We have no allegiance to any particular investment or management organization. Our commitment is to you.


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*Jay Hesdorffer, Senior Vice President, Wealth Management
Financial Planning Specialist, Financial Advisor
27 years experience
*Marietta M. Hesdorffer, First Vice President, Financial Advisor
31 years experience
*Vic Katwala, Financial Advisor
7 years experience
*Lin Edral, Senior Registered Associate
30 years experience

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